Sunday, May 6, 2007

Google Tools

Google Transit- this would be great when I am traveling or visiting big communities. There aren't many cities listed yet, but since I am going to D.C. in June, if it were available, it would be nice to check out my route and available transportation beforehand. I like the fact that you can look at the map as a regular map, as a satellite picture or as a hybrid, which shows the satellite picture with roads and bridges drawn on. It will be more useful as they put up more communities, but at this point they only 10 cities in the United States and the country of Japan, which is only in Japanese. If it were in English, I was going to recommend it to a friend who will be going to Japan soon, but she hasn't learned Japanese, which makes it useless for Americans.

Google Page Creator- One thing that drew me to this tool page was the fact that it makes developing a web page so easy. One of my favorite things is that, on the front page it says "Google Page Creator saves your changes automatically as you type, so no more nervous breakdowns from losing all your work. " It claims that as you edit your page, you're seeing exactly what it will look like when other people see it. It gives you the choice of a variety of looks, layouts, fonts, and color schemes. I'm sure there are other options available to help you produce webpages, but this is the first one I have played with. It has options to download images and to connect to link to other webpages. It was fun, but not something I would use on a regular basis. I could see it being used though, since there are many people that want to share their knowledge and this makes it easy enough for them to do.

Google Suggest- This is fun! You start typing your search topic and it comes up with a list of possible options related to what you have typed. It would be helpful, if you weren't sure what you wanted to search. I would use it in that case. If I know what I'm searching for, it could be a little confusing. I can imagine it becoming a permanent option on Google search, because people like the assistance.

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Bobbi said...

I'm considering adding Pagecreator or another similar website creation tool to round 2. Would you be interested in a class like that?