Thursday, June 14, 2007


Ok, I am learning a lot from podcasts, including the fact that I don't like Podcast Alley because it tells me that I need to download an aggregator. I don't know what that is and I can't download on the library's computer, so Podcast Alley is useless for me. was the easiest to use, in my opinion, but there was nothing newer than 2006 in my area of interest, which was Teens and Libraries. Some of the podcasts were still interesting, but a little dated. Their search was the easiest and most user-friendly of any of the podcast examples. This is also where I discovered that you can put up anything on a podcast, if you have the technology. I listened to a baby "read" a book. Very strange!No words, just babble.
Yahoo Podcasts was great! It had newer podcasts. Some of the podcasts were over an hour long, which meant that I just sampled a few of them. It also puts an "Explicit" warning on podcasts that it sees possible issues with, instead of blocking the podcasts completely. That gives the listener the opportunity to decide whether to censor or not. One issue that I did discover on Yahoo Podcasts is that some of the podcasts are no longer available. If it is part of a series, sometimes it had been recorded over. You never knew for sure what you were going to hear, which could be entertaining, but made the search function useless. It was still my favorite of the three.

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